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Hiking the hills at Castleton

Written, shot and edited by Fabian

Student Aliens hike up the hills surrounding Castleton.

There are famous hills such as Mam Tor, Axe Edge Moor and more.

While hiking up the hill; be cautious of sharp plants as well as rocks. The journey up there is amazing and beautiful.

It would definitely be worth your time, energy and strength to reach the peck of the hill. Well, Student Aliens did not reach the peak yet; due to time constraint.

We will next time…



Speedwell Cavern; shut down lead mine captivate visitors

Written, shot and edited by Fabian

Visitors will journey in a special underground boat to get to Speedwell’s several natural chambers and witness its famous ‘Bottomless Pit’.

Speedwell Cavern is found at the foot of Winnats Pass, high above the village of Castleton.


Speedwell began life as a lead mine in1700’s but closed after two decades due to the limited amount of lead it produced.

The Bottomless Pit is an extremely deep vertical shaft, now choked to within 35 metres of the surface by rock spoil dumped by Castleton miners. The original depth of the shaft has been estimated, from the amount of spoil placed in the shaft over the years, at around 150m.

Peveril Castle abandoned yet visited

Written, shot and edited by Fabian

The 15th century progress, Peveril Castle became less important as administrative functions were moved elsewhere.

A survey in 1561 conducted for the Duchy revealed that Peveril Castle was in a state of decay, and as a result along with Donnington was one of two castles that were subsequently abandoned.

With the advent of the railways in the 19th century, the area became a tourist attraction. The Duchy of Lancaster undertook maintenance in the 19th century to ensure the castle’s condition did not deteriorate further.
Peveril Castle is roughly triangular in shape, about 90 by 65 m (300 by 213 ft), sitting on top of a hill overlooking the Hope Valley.

DSC05212 copy

Lorry close shave on shop at City Hall

Written and Edited by Fabian/ Shot by Yoon Yi

Two lorries squeezing through a small alley to reach the main road on Backfield Street.

The first lorry had huge difficulty to maneuver into the small alley which he took almost nearly 20 minutes.

The second lorry was bigger than the first plus almost hit into a woman on the over-cross shop.

It has been occurring for quite a while but now the amount of lorries passing the small alley has increase. Moreover, it was done during the peak hours of customers

More than Enough Exposure

Written and Edited by Melissa Soo


Nudity is not commonly seen in newspapers, much less it is strictly forbidden to reveal more than necessary flesh to the eyes of the public in print for some countries.

It is, therefore, a shock to the system when international students turn a page in newspaper to suddenly find themselves looking at a large picture of a topless female model.

UK do have laws against nudity that is regulated by the Public Order Act, 1986, the Justices of the Peace Act, 1361, and the common law offence of indecent exposure, though there are beaches that allows public nudity.

Criticisms, however, had beem raised against the propriety of publishing it even though it is very popular among the readers, especially for The Sun page three newspaper.

International students are also quite astounded at such blatant show of skin and find it disagreeable.

 “I don’t think this is something that should be displayed in the newspaper, especially where children can pick it up and flip through it,” said Tyrone.

There are a few who has accepted that nudity in newspaper is rather the norm in western culture and though uncommon for them they have learn to adapt to it.

“It is something different compared to China but I don’t really find it shocking as it must be normal here in Sheffield.” said Vivian Yang.

Raising Demand for Tattoo Artist in England

Written,edited,video by Yoonyi, interviewed by Yoonyi and Fabian

Tattoo can trace back to hundreds years ago as tribes leaders get their tattoo done the traditional way as a symbol of power and status.

Paul from DrFeelGood Tattoo Studio in Liverpool, has involved in tattoo industry for 12 years.

“Sailors were known to collect tattoos in each port on their travels. Adopted by the criminal fraternity (gang tattoos ) & also the biker community too as means of recognition.” says Paul.


Paul with Student Aliens’ yoonyi in Liverpool inside DrFeelGood Tattoo Studio

According to Paul, tattoos are now visible in every walk of life from sports personalities to movie stars to doctors, nurses and even politicians.

The negative side to the popularity boom is the home tattooist or known as “scratchers”, these people work from their kitchens & bedrooms & these people are also probably responsible for the huge increase in disease & infection that has caused the government to recently review tattooing legislation.

“I’ve been expose to tattoo since I was young age” says Niall.

Niall has 5 years experience as a tattoo artist in Sheffield and he express there is no special qualification for becoming a tattoo artist.

However need to be registered and attend official training of sterilizing and proper method of disposing used needles.

Ben Rodgers got his first ever tattoo on his entire left arm covered by pictures of doves and angels.

It reminds him of his grandfather because his grandfather used to keep doves. The tattoo is dedicated to him as a memory of his grandfather. He thought of the tattoo for months and decided to have it done after serious consideration.

To Ben, the pain is bearable, it depends where does the tattoo being craft on and different areas has different level of pain.

As for Jake Eckhart, he has several tattoo on his body due to influence in music and other memorable events.

In future, Jake has intention to have more tattoos on his other part of the body despite the painful experience.

For a true artist who works from a licensed premises, undergoes a strict government health regime with regular inspections. Any person or persons who wish to indulge into a new tattoo should always check out at least 3 or 4 studios before committing themselves.

Cutlery business in Sheffield may face a downfall.

Written,video,edited,photo by Yoonyi, interviewed by Fabian

The steel industry in Sheffield has declined tremendously in recent years and it may affect the cutlery businesses as many steel factories were shut down.

john photo

John Cutlery business is based on niche market demand

John’s family has been involved in cutlery business for many years and eventually owns A.Wrights and Sons Company.

As cutlery is a skilled job, young generations are not interested in inheriting the traditional skills and it is a potential threat for cutlery business.

“It’s difficult to get holding on young people these days, because they all go to universities and straight into white collar jobs.” says John.

However he has apprentice practising the art of cutlery and it is a worthwhile occupation for his apprentice.

“We survived on niche market” says John.

The reason for John’s company still able to continue it’s business is because of they doing things the traditional ways, things that other people don’t do any more.

The company focuses on producing pockets knives, hunting knives and even swords.

Hence, producing traditional products using carbon steel due to huge demand for carbon steel. Carbon steel makes the cutlery a lot harder, tougher and more easier to sharpen it in future, and if the carbon steel takes out, it become stainless steel.

According to John, the steel industry is not gone.

There is still a market demand for steel and cutlery is because with the convenience of global transportation, a variety of different quality steels can be imported into Sheffield and not necessary has to be Sheffield’s steel to make cutlery.