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Whitby’s 5 must do’s

Written and Photos by Michelle

Whitby, a sea port located at the Yorkshire Coast. Existent since medieval times, Whitby is a wonderful getaway for city folk who either want to relax by the beach, or look for a little adventure. One can learn about his quaint place’s history and heritage just by walking through town and doing a little exploration.
Note for all first-time visitors: Bring your jackets. The winds there can be very strong and cold.

Things to do at Whitby:
1. Walk by the Beach

Facing the North Sea, the beach makes a beautiful and relaxing place for the weary. Taking a slow stroll along the beach is luxury. For those who love the sands, you can have picnics, play beach games and build sand castles. The brave in heart can go for a swim too, but the water is very cold.


A view of the sea from the cliff area

whitby seaside port

Seaside view from the top of the cliff

Do not forget to take the opportunity to explore the natural elements around the beach, such as the cliffs. No man can carve such beautiful structures of stone and earth.


The majestic cliff is a sight to behold


A chance for exploration

Since Whitby is a Sea Port, there are a lot of Seagulls everywhere. By the beach, swimming and flying above the sea water, and in the town. Many locals say that they are pests, since they like stealing food from people. But do not miss the opportunity to take some great pictures of them.


About to lift off


Try capturing a photo like this when you’re there


Gulls everywhere! Even on litter bins!!


A wonderful view of the sea, the town and the gulls

2. Try out the Fish n’ Chips

When you go to Whitby, never leave without trying their world famous fish n’ chips! The most popular place seliing fish n’ chips is The Magpie Cafe, just look at how long the queue is! They have one unit for dine-ins, and one unit for take-aways. Both have long queues!


The Magpie Cafe: 14 Pier Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 3PU

Tel:  01947 602058

Map to The Magpie Cafe: Map


Juicy, fresh and tender fish with large chips

The fish n’ chips are very fresh. You can know it just by tasting the fish, fresh out from the sea. It is definitely worth the long queue. DO NOT miss it if you visit Whitby.

3. Climb up the 199 steps

Another must-go attraction is the 199 steps. It is visible from The Magpie Cafe.  Don’t worry about not being able to finish climbing them, because there are benches along the steps for those who need a break. Just take your time, enjoy the view and breeze, and you’ll get to the top, eventually.


On the top of the steps! amazing view of Whitby!


A view from the top

But as the little blue signboard says: “Climb at your own risk”. Use this as a motivation: Once you get up there, you can have a wonderful view of the sea and the town, and you get to visit another attraction which is an English heritage, Whitby Abbey.

4. Visit the Abbey

The Whitby Abbey is a sight to behold, the ruins are kept in good condition and you’ll be amazed by the architecture of stone built more than a millenium ago. Walking through the ruins is just like walking through a time portal. Before you visit the ruins, spend some time at the museum to get to know the history of Whitby Abbey. There are audio visual screens with characters from the past telling you what life was like during the medieval ages.


Whitby Abbey is surrounded by lots of greenery


From within the ruins


Amazing architecture, it makes one wonder how did they do it

5. Follow Captain Cook’s tale

Hey-ho Hey-ho! Make sure yer join them Capt’n Cook’s Adventures! Hop in a beautifully decorated ship which brings you out to sea while telling you the story of Captain James Cook, who’s famous for “mapping the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia” (BBC History,2013).

The Captain Cook experience is located just opposite The Magpie Cafe, and sails every 20 minutes.


Getting onto the ship


All aboard!

When aboard the ship, do remember to enjoy the view while listening to Captain Cook’s tale, and do watch out for splashes as the strong winds can make the sea waters a little choppy.

Aside from the five activities listed above, there are many more interesting things to do while you’re at Whitby. So, if you’re looking for adventures this Summer, go to Whitby.


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      Very nice. Wish I am there! Will consider going. . Nice place

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      • that’s great!! Whitby is really a wonderful place. A few days’ stay is recommended if you wish to explore. 😉

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